Einkorn Waffles

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Ingredients needed

Einkorn flour is the purest form of flour, you know the stuff before humans get involved and modify/denature the plant.  Although I love teaching science, I do not love scientists messing with the foods that I eat!  My family prefers the closest we can get to natural ingredients.  There are no long-term studies on all of these GMO that are used in foods and how it affects our bodies…… but I digress.  That’s another topic for another post.

Above are the ingredients that I used to make my first ever Einkorn waffles.  The batter’s consistency was thinner than I am used to, so I burned the first batch.  Oh, and I forgot to read the directions before I started and realized that I had the temperature up too high.  The back of the box gives you the recipe for pancakes / waffles.  I added some flavor-infused olive oil and my favorite essential oil for breakfast recipes: Young Living‘s Orange.

Once I mastered the temperature and consistency, these came out great.  They are not as crunchy as your typical waffle, but still tasted great.  I think I added 3 drops of the Orange essential oil; next time I will add 6 drops.  There was a hint of orange, but not too much flavor.

I haven’t tried the pancakes yet.  We are currently doing a fast, so that will have to wait!

Update: The pancakes were SOOOO much better than the waffles!  They were slightly denser than your brand name box mix, but had a great flavor.

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