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Why does digital organization matter?

Ahh, digital organization.  I know this doesn’t exactly fit with healthy living.  Or, does it?  Being organized digitally or electronically can become very freeing.  I am a type A personality when it comes to order.  Work better under organized circumstances? Yes!  Hate having files saved everywhere? Yes!  My documents on my laptop, my documents on my desktop, downloads, in e-mails.  Argh.  Then, when you modify one version of the same document, you have to e-mail it to yourself and then save it in the three other places.  How do you keep up with all of the updates?  It’s not fun having three copies of the same file in different places and trying to figure out which one is the most recent.  Let’s stay organized while we work smarter.

I’m not a fan of spending time doing something that I don’t feel like I should have to do.  My school pushed us to use our Google accounts (created by our tech department) and share files using Google Drive.  Now, I have a master’s degree in technology, but I’ll be honest.  I was not a fan of having to do “just one more thing” at school.  After fighting it, I decided to give it a try.

There are many perks to Google Drive:

  1. There is a ton of free space!  I used to use DropBox and would constantly have to go through my files and delete because I ran out of space.  15 GB of storage will last a while.
  2. Going along with the type A personality, you can create folders in Google Drive.  You can even create subfolders in your folders.
  3. Just like other cloud storage options, you can have one account linked to multiple devices.  This means that you can pull up your files anywhere you have Internet, which is basically everywhere today.  I saw Burger King now has free WiFi.  Really?!  If you’re eating “fast food,” do you really have time to use the Internet?  You really shouldn’t be eating that food-like substance, anyway!  See more info in my post here.
  4. You can link it to your computer so it becomes one of the applications that you can open and save to.  Yes!  No more saving to My Documents and then having to e-mail it to my work.

5. Sharing has really been my favorite part.  You can invite others to parts of your Drive.  I teach and when working with the other science teacher, I was able to share all of my files through Google Drive instead of e-mailing each file.  This saves SO much time!  Also, if you choose the edit option, both of you can make changes to the document in real time.  This is really awesome when you are trying to collaborate with other people.

Collaboration Made Simple

  1. You can share single files or entire folders if you have the person’s e-mail address.
  2. It took me a little while to figure out the sending a link option when it comes to sharing.  If you just want to send a link to someone, make sure when you get the shareable link that Link sharing is turned on.  If you just right-click from the specific file and select “Get shareable link” it doesn’t always work.  I made this mistake a few times before I figured it out and people had to send me a message to allow them to view.  That was really annoying.  Right click and select “Share” so that doesn’t happen to you.

If you already have a Google account, I would encourage you to check out the Drive.  I have recently started using it for my personal files also.  The storage options and user-friendliness is much appreciated.

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