Make Homemade Pizza for Dinner Tonight

Why Make Homemade Pizza?

Homemade pizza is a weekly tradition in my home.  Over two years ago, my family decided to get healthy for real, after reading The Daniel Plan.  Um, can we say #LifeChanging  ?!  Read more here.

I started researching the ingredients in most boxed/packaged foods and they are not good.  Most processed items purchased in stores do not contain food; they contain food-like ingredients.  Our bodies are amazing creations with lots of abilities and processes in place to pull nutrients out of food.  However, when you are fueling your body with food-like substances, the body does not know what to do with the food.  Plus, eating food-like substances is not getting you the nutrition that you get from eating FOOD.  It’s really not difficult to make food from scratch; it just takes time and planning.

Steps for Making Homemade Pizza

  1. Make the dough.  I love making dough in the bread machine, because I’m not a fan of the whole kneed thing.  Dump ingredients into bread machine and press start.  The one drawback is time here.  My machine takes 1.5 hours to make dough.  Early afternoons on Sundays, we start preparing for dinner.  Our favorite recipe is from Mom on TimeOut.  Find it here.     Homemade pizza starts with homemade dough
  2. Of course, I also love our Pampered Chef pizza stone.  You can let the dough set for a few minutes – I have left it in the fridge for 30 minutes – one hour.  Here recently, I have baked it right away and that works fine also.  So, either put it in the fridge for later, or jump to the next step.  Make sure you preheat your oven!  I do 400 degrees.

Rolling the dough

3. Roll out the dough.  I am definitely not an expert with this!  Each time, it comes out differently.  I roll it and pick it up and stretch it out.  Anything that works, right?!  With this recipe, I’ve not had to use flour because it doesn’t stick to the roller.  This is my least favorite (and most time consuming) part of the homemade pizza making process.

The Crust is Ready

4. Next comes the sauce.  I just pour some in the middle and spread evenly with a spoon.  How much you use depends on your sauce preference.  I enjoy more sauce!

Add sauce

5. Cheese is next.  I mean, what is pizza without the cheese?!  Now, dairy is not really good for your body, so I have tried to cut back on my family’s intake of dairy products.  The pizza dinner is really a treat.  We buy mozzarella in bulk and shred/slice it ourselves.  (Shredded cheese that you purchase in the store sometimes has not-so-great ingredients to keep the cheese from sticking together.  You know, like saw dust and other chemicals.  Yum-not!)  Shred and slice your own cheese.  Seriously, how has the food industry been allowed to get away with this nonsense?!  But, I digress.  Here’s what the cheese looks like: cheese

Happy with just Cheese?  Skip Step 6.

6. The final prep stage is the toppings.  Here’s where you can really get creative.  This is probably one of my favorite reasons to make homemade pizza in the first place.  My family loves Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and ham, sausage, veggies, banana peppers, etc.  The possibilities are endless!  I have even made one with ketchup and mustard instead of sauce, with ground beef.  Cheeseburger pizza.  For this baking session, I didn’t have any fun ingredients, so I just stuck with the staple, pepperoni.

slice it up

Yes, we slice our pepperoni also.  I try to prep as much as I can at home.  The less that the food company does, the better.

Choose your toppings on your homemade pizza

As you can see, hubby likes pepperoni more than the girls.  This is another perk!  You can completely customize the toppings to fit your family’s needs/wants.

7. Put on the bottom rack for 9 minutes.

img_3919 Bake that pizza

8. Spin pizza and put on the top rack for another 9 minutes.

homemade pizza almost done

Always Use Caution!

Confession: I forgot about how greasy pepperoni can be and put some a little too close to the edge of the stone.  Enough dripped over the side to make quite a mess in the oven.  Don’t make the same mistake!  Line the bottom with aluminum foil, or don’t go so close to the edge.  On a side note, this pizza had a slightly smoky flavor from the small fire I caused in the bottom of my oven.  It was not intended, but unexpectedly good.  I don’t think it’s worth the fire hazard, but I was glad that the pizza was not ruined!

Ready to eat

9. Optional: I like to make a crust oil to spice up the crust.  Olive oil, salt and spices.  I think this is Oregano.  If I don’t have any spices on hand, I will use my essential oils.  Read more about those here.  When the pizza is finished cooking (Again – learn from my mistake.  AFTER the pizza has cooked, not during!) brush the oily goodness on the crust. Experiment with different flavors and spices.  It will only enhance the homemade pizza experience.

crust topping

Here is the oily crust topping ready to go!

Compliment Your Homemade Pizza With…

I usually pair this meal with a nice, green, leafy salad topped with seeds and veggies.  For salad dressing, I enjoy mixing 2 parts olive oil with 1 part basaltic vinaigrette.  For an extra nutritional punch, I will cut sweet potatoes in half lengthwise and bake with sliced onions, sea salt and olive oil.  375 degrees until sweet potatoes are soft, usually 30 minutes.

Added Bonus

This is a great way to bring the family together to wrap up the weekend.  J is still a toddler, so she “helps” make dinner, but as she gets older, I will give her more responsibilities.  Education is key.  I want her to know where her food comes from and that it’s important to prepare as much as possible from scratch.  The detachment so many people have with food is alarming.  Here I go rambling again.  Enjoy the pizza!

Interested in another laborious but lovely recipe?  Click here to read about my homemade applesauce.

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