Pregnancy Hospital Prep

preparing for baby

With pregnancy, there are many emotions the woman goes through at any given time……. or all at the same time, depending on those lovely hormones.  One area that I have found to be especially challenging the second time around has been my pregnancy hospital prep.   With an active toddler and pretty active lifestyle, there’s not much time for sitting around and dreaming up all of the items I want to bring to the hospital with me.

preparing for baby

After looking around on Pinterest and thinking back to my first time around, I have finally compiled a list of everything that we will be bringing to the hospital for baby number two.  Not only do I have a list, but everything is packed and ready to go (except for last minute items – and I have a list for those)!  Being prepared gives me peace of mind and leaves no room for worrying!

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.    Proverbs 3:5-6   

Hospital Prep: List for Mom

  • Nursing pads & bras: These are a necessity if you plan to nurse!  Excess milk and ease of nursing.  Need I say more?
  • Delivery gown: Bringing a gown is optional, because the hospital will provide one for you, however, I like to wear my own clothes.  Just thinking about someone else laboring in that same gown, and not knowing how intense the washing process is…….ugh!  Besides, my sweet hubby bought me one this year, along with some comical labor socks.
  • Large gowns to wear after delivery (make sure they open in the front if you plan to nurse): After having a baby, you really don’t feel like putting real clothes on.  And you are constantly getting up, being checked, etc.  So, having a large gown makes life a lot simpler when you are in that newborn fairly conscious state during the stay at the hospital.
  • Going home outfit: sweats.  Again, who needs/wants real clothes?!  Who knows what condition your body will be in, or how much of that “baby fat” stayed with you after delivery.  Sweats are very forgiving and very comfortable!
  • Flip flops, grippy socks: If you’re wanting to move around at all in the hospital, I strongly recommend something to put on your feet.  With my first, I went on long walks and moved around as much as possible to get labor going and keep my blood moving.  Flip flops can also be worn in those hospital bathrooms and showers if you’re grossed out by being barefoot.

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  • Snacks: Whatever kinds of foods that you want.  I like to bring protein-rich foods that are easy to snack on like nuts, granola, etc.
  • Prenatal vitamins: I got this idea from another mom’s blog.  This was definitely not on my radar the first time around, but it does make sense.  Your body goes through a lot when you have a baby, so the extra vitamins and minerals are good.  Also, if you plan to nurse, prenatal vitamins will still be a staple!
  • Water: This is not necessary, because the hospital will again provide you with water.  (After delivery of course, because birthing a baby doesn’t make you thirsty or anything!)  I do like the taste of the water that we get out of our Berkey.  Pure, filtered water for me, please!
Toiletry items:

Don’t leave home without your stuff that will make you feel like a human again!  I’m sure the hospital has most all of this, but after going through something as intense as childbirth, it’s nice to have some comforts of home!  Plus, if you are expecting visitors, you’ll want to freshen up.

  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste & toothbrush
  • Body wash
  • Lotion
  • Loofah
  • Brush & hair ties
oily supplies:

We did not know the beauty and wonders of essential oils and toxin-free living the first time around and I am so excited to use them this time!  We use Young Living essential oils and they have changed our lives completely!  Read more about that in this post.

  • Labor oils list: Sadly, due to regulations, I am unable to post specific information about which oils help with pregnancy.  But, I can tell you that the book, Gentle Babies is an absolute necessity purchase if you would like to try using more natural remedies with your pregnancy.
  • Cooling face spray: With my first delivery, I don’t remember much (Funny how biology works like that, isn’t it?  If mothers remembered everything, they probably wouldn’t want any more!), but I do remember feeling hot the entire time!  I’m so excited to have this cooling spray if I need it this time.
  • Soothing spray for bottom
    • Combine 2 oz of witch hazel, 3 drops of Peppermint essential oil and 4 drops of Lavender essential oil in a 2 oz glass spray bottle.  Shake and spray.  Use to aid healing the perineum and to help the body return to its anti-hemorrhoidal state.  Please do not apply this recipe to essential oils purchased in stores!  See link above for a deeper explanation of why we only use Young Living.
  • Labor massage oil*  The first time around, I was blessed with little back pain that so many other women talk about.  I wanted to be prepared just in case I needed some support during labor.  I am also blessed with a wonderful hubby who will be more than happy to give me a back rub using this magical blend of goodness during labor.  If I don’t need it during labor, I plan to use it after to help bring balance back to my body.

*Recipe can be found in the Gentle Babies book.

preparing for baby

Hospital Prep: List for Baby

  • Swaddler: Most babies enjoy the tight fitting clothing known as a swaddler.  Our first hated being swaddled, but every baby is different.  Plus, we have some cute ones from last time!  Bringing this along just in case.
  • 2 Sleepers: The hospital will most likely put your newborn in a onesie to serve as clothing and pajamas.  It is always nice to put that cute little bundle in something cute, though.  We used sleeper sacks last time that zip up.  This made changing soooo much easier.  And with a newborn, you will be doing a lot of changing!
  • Going home outfit: Don’t you want something cute for baby to wear as you leave the hospital?!  We completely forgot to snap a picture as we were leaving the hospital last time, but I’d love to get a going home pic this time.  
  • Burp cloths: Again, I’m pretty sure that the hospital will provide some form of a burp cloth, but you can never have enough of these things!  Bringing them just in case.  And for the car ride home.
  • Blanket: Our little bundle is arriving in the fall, so cooler weather means extra bundling.  I don’t know if we will need the blanket in the hospital, but we will need it when we leave.
  • Car seat installed in car: This is an absolute must!  For those of you reading who don’t already know, hospital staff will come outside with you and check that you have a properly installed car seat before you’re allowed to leave the parking lot with your baby.  I already had hubby install this in my car one month before my due date just so it was done.  That is not something you want to have to mess with when you’re in labor!
  • 2 outfits: Because those hospital onesies are so boring!  Why wait to start dressing up that little darling?!
  • Socks & hats: I’m feeling a little redundant here, but it is so nice to have your own clothing in a hospital.  Hospital will provide, but bring yours if you want.
  • Sweet Dream spray: This wonderful spray helps promote a calm and relaxing environment.  Who doesn’t need that after birthing a baby?!
    • Combine 10 drops of Lavender essential oil and a pinch of Epsom salt in a 2 oz glass spray bottle.  Swirl to allow the salt to absorb the essential oil.  Add 2 oz of distilled water and shake.  Spray linens, clothing, the air, etc.
    • I still use this spray with my toddler during nap and bed time!
  • Diaper cream: I prefer to use all natural products and can’t wait to try out my new Young Living diaper cream!  Sadly, most baby products sold in stores are loaded with harmful chemicals and toxins.  I want to do the best that I can to support my baby’s immune system, not make it work harder than necessary!
  • Umbilical cord ointment*: I plan to use this daily on our baby’s umbilical cord until it heals completely.  
  • Anointing baby with oils list*: Shortly after birth, we plan to anoint our baby with essential oils.  We strongly believe in the power of these precious resources and want our baby to be as healthy and strong as possible.

*Recipe and information can be found in the Gentle Babies book.

Hospital Prep: List for Dad

  • Comfy clothes & shoes
  • Snacks
  • Money for vending machine
  • Ball cap
  • Vitamins

This list is a little embarrassing!  But, no offense to dads, they’re not really the focus.  Bare essentials for dad.  He will be the supporting role and errand runner during the hospital stay.  He will need to be comfortable and prepared to help with caring for baby and taking care of mommy.

Hospital Prep: MISC items to bring

  • preparing for babyPhones & chargers: This is a last minute pack for sure, but definitely needed!  This is how my hubby will communicate with all of our family and friends when the day is finally here!  
  • List of pictures wanted taken at hospital: Like I mentioned before, pictures were more of an afterthought the first time around.  This time, I’d like to have a list so we don’t forget anything.  There are tons of cute ideas online if you need a little inspiration!
  • Diffuser: This device spreads essential oils into the air for scent and therapeutic benefits.  I plan to use it during and after labor.
  • Birth plan: Although, I was told by a few midwives during my prenatal visits that this document was unnecessary, I am still going to make a birth plan.  I think it’s really important to put all my requests down on paper for everyone who is involved in the process.  I want as little intervention as possible and wish to have no vaccinations or medications given to my baby.  Searching online can give you a starting point and some ideas of what to include.
    • Essential oils:

      Mom, Dad, Baby, Mom & Baby, Diffuser

  • Aroma Life
  • Aroma Siez
  • Brain Power
  • Cedarwood
  • Claraderm spray
  • Clary Sage
  • Cool Azul
  • DiGize
  • EnRGee
  • Eucalyptus
  • Frankincense
  • Gentle Baby
  • Geranium
  • Jasmine
  • Joy
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • M-Grain
  • Myrrh
  • Orange
  • PanAway
  • Peace & Calming
  • Peppermint
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Stress Away
  • Thieves
  • Trauma Life
  • Valor
  • White Angelica
  • Ylang Ylang

Most of these recommendations came from the Gentle Babies book.  Others I found online.  Again, I am not permitted to share why I am choosing these oils, just know that they are in the best interest for the specified party above.  I made a spreadsheet with information on when and how to use the essential oils.  If you’ve never used essential oils before, I encourage you to check out this post.

Hospital Prep: Don’t Bring These!

  • Diapers & wipes: The hospital will provide diapers & wipes.  And, if you ask, they will even send some home with you!
  • Fancy clothes for anyone: You’re main focus is taking care of baby and surviving those first few days with a newborn!  No one needs to be dressed to the nines in the hospital!
  • Things for baby to do like toys, books, etc.: Babies don’t really do much more than eat, sleep, and use the restroom in those first few days.  Unless you want these items for a photo shoot, leave them at home.  Your baby will be fascinated by simply looking around.
  • Too much stuff: You don’t need to bring your entire house with you.  Your stay should only be a few days.  Depending on the size of your room, all of the stuff that you bring may make it feel cramped.

Overall, you need to do what is best for your family and your specific situation.  This is just a list of what we will be bringing.  If you have not thought about this, please do so during your third trimester.  Being packed and ready is a great feeling!  Blessings to you & your family as you welcome a new life into the world!

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