Life with Two Littles

two littles

Preparing for Life with Two Littles

Being a parent is no easy task when you have one child.  Two littles absolutely make everything even more challenging!  Don’t get me wrong – it is one of the best blessings in my life.  But, it’s just like marriage: if it was easy it wouldn’t be so rewarding!  While expecting my second child, I researched, read stories to my first born about being a big sister, got everything ready for another baby, etc. etc.  The truth is, honestly, that you can never truly prepare yourself for a baby whether it’s your first or second.  Just as each pregnancy is different, each baby and child is different.

Life with Two Littles Month One

bringing home baby

I am not claiming to have it all figured out – not even close!  But, I will share some insight that I have gained through the first month of bringing home baby number two.  First of all, a little information about me.  I have a type A personality and love crossing things off of my to-do list.  Organization, having a strong-will, and being caring are key components of my character.  I love teaching and learning about the human body.  Health is very important to me and we choose to live as naturally as possible.  If you would like to read more about health, check out this post.  Loving God and loving people is also very important to my family.  There doesn’t seem to be much love in this world any more.

Lesson One

The first lesson I have learned is that you have to give yourself grace and allow mistakes even if this isn’t your first rodeo. Mistakes are going to happen.  You’re going to completely lose it with your child and do or say something that you really don’t want.  It’s all part of being human.  Children can have a special way of pushing every button that you have and plucking every last nerve.  I believe it’s all part of God’s plan to keep us humble and growing.

Like I said before, each baby is different.  J is three and a half years old now, so she is pretty independent.  This is both a blessing and a curse.  Bringing home baby, I forgot about all of the late night/early morning feedings.  We have been blessed with very good sleepers both times, thank the Lord!  I don’t know how you parents do it with babies getting up every hour for months!  Needless to say, even with a decent amount of sleep, I am unable to cross many things off my list.  Let.It.Go.

Lesson Two

bringing home baby

This leads me to my next lesson learned.  Take the time to be with your kids.  Read: get off the phone, put the list down and just BE there.  Play the silly matching game, read a book, or pretend you’re driving to the movies with stuffed animals.  Listen to your toddler’s five minute story about teaching high school or the vacation that you had six months ago.  Soon, this child will not want to talk to you and tell you so much.

It’s hard to believe that J is almost four years old!  I keep asking myself where the time went.  Unfortunately, I went back to work shortly after J was born, so I have missed out on a lot.  Fortunately, God has provided for us and I am able to stay home with the girls now.  I have to constantly keep my type A personality in check and remind myself why I am not working.  The dishes, laundry, e-mails and texts can wait.  My babies are growing up fast and I need to invest time into their precious little lives before they’re all grown up and leaving home.  It is really important to me that both my kids have a strong foundation because this world is getting crazier and crazier every time I read the news.  I do not want them to be confused and most importantly, I want them to know where to look for the answers they will seek.  It is NOT the media!

Lesson Three

leading by exampleLesson number three is to lead by example.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard J say something verbatim from me and it just makes me cringe.  Children have a way of doing that to you.  Whatever you’re saying doesn’t sound so bad until it comes out of a toddler’s mouth.  This is probably the hardest lesson to apply.  Your kids are like little sponges constantly watching, listening and processing everything you are doing and saying.  They say that actions speak louder than words, but I think words are just as important.  Be the model for your kids.  Show them how to problem solve, interact with others, deal with emotions and enjoy life.

In our home, we look to the Bible for guidance in all areas of life.  My hope and prayer for both of my girls is that they will do the same and love Jesus with all of their hearts.  Thinking about this principle of leading by example can be terrifying at times, especially on those days when nothing seems to be working out.  Just remember to do your best (Don’t forget about lesson number one!) and apologize when you make a mistake.  Kids need to know that their parents are not perfect and apologizing to your kids can go a long way.

Lesson Four

I have not learned this lesson yet, but it’s a work in-progress: being positive.  Hubby is great at this and is my accountability partner for keeping me optimistic.  I have studied energies and vibrations in the body and know that negativity wreaks havoc in the body.  Negative words can even have an impact on water!  Google that one!  I want my girls to view the world in a positive light, so this is one area in myself that I know I need to work on.  Character building is definitely a part of parenting!  Never stop trying to improve!

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