Grounding Your Body

A view from my barefoot walk.

What is Grounding?

Grounding your body is extremely important for your health.  Grounding, also called earthing, is when your body is in direct contact with the earth.  When you take off your shoes and walk outside barefoot, that is grounding your body.  Our shoes have rubber or plastic soles which do not conduct electricity, which is why barefoot is best.

How does Grounding Work?

Our bodies have electrical currents.  The world that we live in is full of positive and negative ions.  Negative ions are better for the body, where positive ions can cause harm.  An example of negative ions is running water, like a waterfall or river.  An example of positive ions is the television.  It is believed that the earth has an endless supply of negative ions due to the atmosphere.  Since the earth has a greater negative charge than your body, when the two come in contact, your body will absorb the negative charges from the earth.  If you need more information or help understanding that process, research diffusion and osmosis to learn about how water moves.  That is a simplified version of what is happening without getting into the chemistry.

Take off your shoes when you can!

Why is Grounding Your Body Necessary?

With all of our modern advances such as footwear, beds, etc., we are no longer in contact with the earth as our ancestors were.  They used shoes made of animal skins (which can allow charges to pass when wet) and slept mostly on the ground.  I am not advocating that we go back to those lifestyles, because I enjoy the comfort that shoes and elevated beds bring.  However, since we have removed ourselves from the earth, it only makes sense to get connected whenever possible.  The benefits are unbelievable!  Research has shown that grounding can help inflammation, sleep, the heart and even respiratory issues.

If you are unable to simply kick your shoes off and walk barefoot, there are other ways.  For example, if you live in a city or it is winter time, walking barefoot may not be the easiest.  There are several products on the market including sheets and a grounding mat.  They are an investment, but if you are spending time and money on other measures that are not working, why not give it a try?  Nature always seems to have a simple way to solve our problems.  Grounding is just another piece of the grand design of our Creator.  Who knew walking around barefoot would be so beneficial?!

Being outside in nature is always so restorative.

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